Jul 30, 2014

Also hey, Gravity Falls Season 2

Season 2 is airing this Friday! Go check out what I've been paid to work on for a year. 

And a bonus Link Between Worlds! 

B + W dump

Some stuff from my tumblr. Been falling back in love with pure b+w stuff but I'm still too unfamiliar with the medium. A lot of stiff poses and shaky strokes. It's been a rough year for drawing but I think I'm crawling out of this funk. Slowly but surely. 

May 9, 2014

little dipper

Doodles from meetings. More on my instagram
Oh yeah, I'm a board artist now!

a post

Shit from my tumblr. This year has been weird, I'm trying to figure things out while going through daily existential crises. 

Jan 13, 2014

kids beating up kids

I've been trying to do sketches before bed but I usually get too tired to do anything good. 

dragon radar

a cleanup test in photoshop, hopefully the last time I use it for that purpose.

Nov 23, 2013

keep forgetting

to update this joint. It's hard to keep regular now that I don't have a scanner u3u

anyway here's some junk

I'm working on some projects outside of work but neither of them are at a point that I can talk about em yet. One is another film with my partner in crime Iker Maidagan. The other is a more personal comic project (you may have seen style sketches floating around for that). That will also be a collaboration with Iker. In the meantime here are some doodles, mostly taken from my instagram acount.