Mar 10, 2013

mo thumbs mo money


  1. Ah! So you have just over a month left!! (and you have the time to do thumbnails!?!?! XD)
    Good luck dude!!!! Looking foward to seeing it! You send me the link ASAP ya heard! ;)
    P.S These colourkeys are cool - Love the desert one n.n)

    1. To tell you the truth I shouldn't be doing these at all haha. BUT IT'S SPRING BREAK!
      Yeah f'sho dude!

    2. A slightly different angle on the holiday than the one portrayed in the trailer for 'Spring Breakers!
      (Though I'd rather watch a film based around your version!)

    3. Then that would be 2 action packed hours of watching me slither back and forth from my bed to my computer desk. And doing cleanup. Sooo much cleanup. For 5 days hahaha.

  2. you are an incridible artist, love your work. See ya in Ibiza

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