Jun 11, 2013

4th year film - MIRAGE!

Mirage from Iker & Dana on Vimeo.

It's finally online!!


Also I just moved to Santa Monica a few weeks ago so I'm still settling in. I'll be posting often again once I get my hands on a scanner! 



  1. Fantastic.

    Great job you guys!
    Such an endearing story and professional work. I loved it.

    Good luck with future endeavors.

  2. amazing movie, I love the animation/storyboard/design, you re a great artist!

  3. Dana you're a genius! It's incredible beyond words.

  4. Congratulations. Beautiful work, so inspirational.
    You're off to a dazzling start to your career.

  5. Bravo to you and Iker!
    Soooo impressed how you guys managed to make a 9 minute short - and you didn't even compromise on quality! O.O
    The story was really well thought out and there were some seriously cool bits of animation - the whirlpool turned out sweet huh! ;)

    Good luck in Caliiiiii!!! n.n

  6. I couldn't think of an adjective that I could use to do the film justice, so I guess I'm left speechless about how much I enjoyed it.

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  8. Hi, i wanna know if you please can tell me how you do the animation (you do draw by draw with a little difference?) wait you answer and thanks

  9. This movie is amazing!!! Great job!