Nov 23, 2013

keep forgetting

to update this joint. It's hard to keep regular now that I don't have a scanner u3u

anyway here's some junk

I'm working on some projects outside of work but neither of them are at a point that I can talk about em yet. One is another film with my partner in crime Iker Maidagan. The other is a more personal comic project (you may have seen style sketches floating around for that). That will also be a collaboration with Iker. In the meantime here are some doodles, mostly taken from my instagram acount. 


  1. Sweeeeet! Loving that first pic :3
    A film and a comic... whilst having a job??!! Seriously you guys have some sort of time manipulation device/power I swear!! ;D
    Hope all is gravy!

  2. Great work! Not Junk. Keep it coming:)